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Moving along with Lovecraftian art

Ok, so I had a brainstorm this morning, and have been dividing my time between working on this new angle & updating the store and website. I’m gonna reveal a little of the process here, for you, but just understand that you’re seeing finished painted minis combined with new sculptural elements (they’re themed bases).
A couple of shots of this morning’s work:

The idea here is that the mini can be removed to use in a game, or if you’d rather display it on its own, but you can also place it in its Innsmouth setting: a town sinking into the ocean & the madness of the Elder Gods. In Cthulhu’s case, he’s towering over the derelict movie theater in the one setting, but is also available as a glorious blue-green god emerging from the sea, behind a shop where someone has mysteriously graffitied his image. To summon him? Maybe…

There are three more diorama bases underway: a much smaller, pearly white Cthulhu standing on a summoning circle atop the old auto repair shop, and some fearsome reptilian monsters who have taken over the abandoned diner & hardware shop.

As I mentioned before, it’s important to me that art reflects something of our time here in the world, and this series clearly has some of the sense of how perilous life feels right now, between the massive forest fires, the floods currently hitting the southern US, and the specter of the epidemic, with its tendrils now woven into our daily lives. But they’re also capable of being nothing more than cool art objects with usable non-player characters (NPCs, for those of you of a tabletop gaming mindset) that you can display when you’re not using them.

Lovecraft Diner?

I developed my own little niche of using broken and/or unloved holiday decor as a starting point for new artworks: Lovecraft Diner […]