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Lovecraft Diner?

I developed my own little niche of using broken and/or unloved holiday decor as a starting point for new artworks: Lovecraft Diner (working title right now) takes a ceramic building for a low-cost xmas village & turns it into a building in a dank, dying small town that’s being transformed and consumed by monstrosities from Lovecraft’s various works of cosmic horror. I’ve got some spare Cthulhu Wars pieces that people were selling off on eBay, and I’m using them to make the sense of horror more concrete.

Interestingly, it’s also possible to see this kind of warping of something mundane as thematic of climate change and the covid-19 outbreak. On the climate change angle, by buying people’s castoffs from the thrift store (which is essentially a high-kill shelter for unremarkable collectibles) and turning them into a statement, I’m giving it a new life and not using up material resources to create the piece 100% from scratch. Anyway, I’m trying to do my best & to do better at this every day, all the while remaining an artist working in a physical medium.

Work in progress – this a a behind the scenes look at the Cthulhu-graffiti village shop and some lovely guys (who need a paint job)

I wonder what these reworked buildings will do in someone else’s hands – I’d love to see them in a spooky, Lovecraftian xmas village for 2020! This series will go onto Etsy all together, so they can be purchased individually or as a set. Sign up for updates from me & you’ll definitely hear when these buildings are ready for sale!