custom weird RPG-themed art for sale

I’m working on a new group of holiday-themed recycled creatures based on D&D and Lovecraftian themes

I recently started combining the ideas of trees and the lovely monsters known as mimics – and have been enjoying how they come out! I’m also working on a Christmas-style village conversion, with trees, a gazebo, probably a bridge or two, a fountain, etc. Think of your standard Christmas village scene with the toy train running around it, and then picture it full of monsters! It’s probably to help deal with the idea of having to avoid most holiday activities this year, or maybe I’ve stumbled on a way to embody Seasonal Affective disorder, who knows.

There are some variations on the same theme – I messed around with converting a ceramic birdhouse into a birdhouse mimic, and made a stump mimic out of an old Hallmark ornament.

And I also recently made a goblin tree, and a Lovecraftian tree (but cute) who uses his worshippers as nutrition, absorbing them through his branches – you can volunteer to be absorbed.

The Winter King Absorbing His Worshippers – now in my Etsy store.


The start of it all: years ago, Craig was working with his D&D group, and I volunteered to make some cross-themed Xmas/D&D little gifts for them.
This is a terrible photo of my first Xmas tree mimics, done in Sculpey, and they’re….um, ok. My mini sculpting skills have improved considerably since then.

here’s the Dread gazebo, which is still work in progress, and won’t be 100% complete for a few more days:

But here’s my current fave: He’s on Etsy now, and I will miss him for sure!

(Man, my mini sculpting skills really HAVE improved!)

I hope you have some ways to deal with the 2020 holiday season – might I suggest trying an art or craft that’s new for you? Everyone seems to think they don’t have any talent, but I’m getting more and more convinced they just don’t have any practice at whatever it is they think they aren’t talented at. Train the hands, eyes, and brain and see what you can do!