custom weird RPG-themed art for sale


I make unique and weird things for Delightful and Interesting People.

Hello! I’m Tina Nixon, better known as CoffeeandCreatures.
Fantasy art runs deep in me, ever since childhood. I’ve always strived to translate my wild flights of imagination into art, because I love to share paintings and sculptures with people. My audience is collaborative and inspiring, and I love their comments and ideas.

For many years, I’ve been the creative artist behind a very prolific professional DM’s wildly successful Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder campaign experiences in the US Northeast. I got my start making pencil and digital sketches to simply help add character depth to NPCs encountered on game nights, and over 10 years, this gradually grew to full art services for tabletop RPG play.

While I love working in all types of media, I specialize in minis for monster NPCs, as well as immersive terrain pieces, and character minis – for the simple joy of bringing these creations to life. I also paint fantasy-themed digital art and acrylics on canvas and vintage leather jackets.

With the holidays quickly coming up, I’ve decided to release small batches of my art for sale to the public, and you are welcome to visit my Etsy store once I have launched (coming in early Autumn: sign up for store announcements here).
For now, please check me out on Instagram (@coffeeandcreatures) for past projects & please join my list for emails & newsletters features news, stories, and subscriber-only sales.

Thank you! It really is a pleasure and honor that you’ve chosen to visit.