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Coffee & Creatures – Aktari the Trash Boss

Aktari is the boss around here – she’s also the very first sculpt I did with recycling materials in mind as well as making a fearsome beholder – little did I know how much personality she’d have and control she’d exert over the cottage. 
I am classically trained in fine arts, having attended Parsons School of Design & Mason Gross (Rutgers University) for several years. The use of found objects is nothing new, but I’d never made it an ethic of my creative work to try and take items destined for trash & combine them with glue, paint, and wire (and aluminum foil and clay etc etc etc). But it makes sense – as humans in an advanced economy, we generate an enormous amount of plastic and paper waste. It’s a matter of perspective to call something “garbage” rather than a “resource” – so I just shifted it. 

(Aktari’s head is a dollar store plastic orange, though. And I did buy some plastic eyes to help turn that plastic orange into a Beholder. But her main parts are broken toys, cast-off gardening wire, and a broken 3d-printed base for another mini.)

Creating Aktari set me to thinking about all the trinkets and doodads that end up cluttering thrift stores and garage sales, and that shift is directly responsible for my Halloweenmas sculptures, which appear here & on Instagram, fyi. But more on that later.