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Impatiently Waiting for Caverns of Doom & a Story!

I participated in the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter last year for some Caverns of Doom unpainted modules & I created this ruined statue/idol because I was so blown away by the beautiful Kingdom Death game pieces, and it turns out it could also work with the modules as an above-ground transition point into the Underdark which should be delivered today!

Close up of the idol – elements such as the rusty chains provide narrative hooks and potential options for player interactions.

I got the face of this sculpture from someone who was selling some Kingdom Death game pieces – it was my birthday & this piece was somehow super compelling to me. And as I worked & worked at creating an aged granite texture, this idea of “locking up” the idol’s face with chains came to me, and so I scrounged around for some realistic chain pieces to paint. As this new version now needed a way to be anchored into the landscape, I pulled together some wood, slate, and acrylic gel medium to create a sunken garden to house the idol.

As I see it, it’s not just a tabletop game piece. On its own, it says a lot about emotions, about power vs. powerlessness, about the ravages of time, and about how beauty transcends time. It’s my goal to make things for your tabletop that you can live with, hang on the wall, put on your desk….they’re not meant to sit in a box, waiting for game night. Of course, you can do that too!