custom weird RPG-themed art for sale

Blurring the art/game line

I have developed a preference for using the medium of RPGs as art & visual storytelling medium – I’m starting to put pieces on Etsy and my online store this week, and the one which I love, which sums all of this thinking up is the chained idol ruin that I made about 1.5 years ago.
What I love is the modularity of Dwarven Forge terrain & walls mixed in with it (they’re not for sale, our beloved DM would drop dead on the spot if I sold his beloved autumn trees and other Caverns Deep/City Builder pieces). Using the walls Below the idol’s platform allows for multilevel play, so if you are thinking of buying this piece, or if you’ve made similar items yourself, just stacking it onto a set of walls instantly makes the story deeper & more interesting. Which civilization built this? Was the idol there first or was the underground cavern there first? Is the idol the same in all seasons, or is there something special that only happens in autumn?

In my usual way, this always takes us back to our world, and maybe the way it would be seen once we humans have failed to thrive here – how far in the future would that be? Who would be here to interrogate our chained idols?

Note: as of October 29 or so, the chained idol will be available for sale (to the USA only, due to Covid-19 shipping headaches) – with free domestic shipping, in the Etsy store.