Caverns of Doom!

I participated in the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter last year for some Caverns of Doom unpainted modules & I created this ruined statue/idol to work with the modules as an above-ground transition point into the Underdark. Shown here are some of the City Builder walls, since the Caverns modules are just being delivered today (!) but you get the idea:

Close up of the idol – I discussed the various elements such as the rusty chains with the DM client, as they provide narrative hooks and potential options for player interactions.

Big update

Between the usual holiday rush of Halloween-Xmas crafting and the drop of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus for D&D5e, it’s getting super busy around here.

Recently, I’ve devised 2 different Infernal War machines, which will come into play later on in the Descent timeline, and am taking commissions for your own. These may be LED-lit or simply hand-painted – your choice. Below are the recent work done for a local DM:

Avernus Slay Sleigh – players must ride on the various platforms of the sleigh, as demonstrated by the War demon. The flame + smoke effect is a tube that gets mounted on the smokestack, and can be easily removed for other uses or storage.
This vehicle has LED running lights, controlled with a simple on-off switch from below. Note: there is no compartment for player characters, it is assumed that they are within in-game. (Can ‘hold’ up to 6 player characters, based on an inter dimensional space rule.)