Big update

Between the usual holiday rush of Halloween-Xmas crafting and the drop of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus for D&D5e, it’s getting super busy around here.

Recently, I’ve devised 2 different Infernal War machines, which will come into play later on in the Descent timeline, and am taking commissions for your own. These may be LED-lit or simply hand-painted – your choice. Below are the recent work done for a local DM:

Avernus Slay Sleigh – players must ride on the various platforms of the sleigh, as demonstrated by the War demon. The flame + smoke effect is a tube that gets mounted on the smokestack, and can be easily removed for other uses or storage.
This vehicle has LED running lights, controlled with a simple on-off switch from below. Note: there is no compartment for player characters, it is assumed that they are within in-game. (Can ‘hold’ up to 6 player characters, based on an inter dimensional space rule.)