Just in time for the latest Icewind Dale adventure

I painted & did a custom base for this fantastic Ice Giant from Reaper – he’s about to go up on Etsy. I adore the NPCs (non-player characters) who come from environments of extremity: searing heat from infernal planes, stunning cold from lands of eternal ice, the abodes of cold […]

Moving along with Lovecraftian art

Ok, so I had a brainstorm this morning, and have been dividing my time between working on this new angle & updating the store and website. I’m gonna reveal a little of the process here, for you, but just understand that you’re seeing finished painted minis combined with new sculptural […]

Lovecraft Diner?

I developed my own little niche of using broken and/or unloved holiday decor as a starting point for new artworks: Lovecraft Diner (working title right now) takes a ceramic building for a low-cost xmas village & turns it into a building in a dank, dying small town that’s being transformed […]

Impatiently Waiting for Caverns of Doom & a Story!

I participated in the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter last year for some Caverns of Doom unpainted modules & I created this ruined statue/idol to work with the modules as an above-ground transition point into the Underdark…they should be delivered today! I got the face of this sculpture from someone who was […]

Coffee & Creatures – Aktari the Trash Boss

Aktari is the boss around here – she’s also the very first sculpt I did with recycling materials in mind as well as making a fearsome beholder – little did I know how much personality she’d have and control she’d exert over the cottage. I am classically trained in fine arts, having […]